Priority date is June 26th, 2015

Publication date is December 26th, 2016

Other inventions by Archie Gillis

We will entertain patent application purchase or licensing requests.  Prices will likely triple or quadruple upon the granting of each claim set.  Each independent claim set will likely require its own patent or divisional patent be filed and prosecuted.  Thus if you are interested in only one claim set, please let us know and this can be arranged.

Remember Google’s 1st patent?

“Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally wanted to be academics. They didn’t want to build a business. They patented their initial search engine and then tried to shop the IP around. They were actually willing to sell it for $1 million in 1997.  They went all over Silicon Valley, including Yahoo and Excite, who turned them down. Later, in 2002, Yahoo tried to buy them for $3 billion but at that point Google turned them down. Now Google is worth $600 billion.”

Remember the telephone patent?

“When Alexander Graham Bell (a man whom once lived down the road from my great-grand dad in Cape Breton), first invented the telephone, he and his cohorts offered to sell the patents to Western Union – then the world’s most important communications company, thanks to its domination of the telegraph – for $100,000.  Within a couple of years Western Union boss William Orton had realized his mistake, but by that time Bell had already cottoned on to the fact that he might be on to a good thing: Bell Telephone was raking in the cash.”

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