The Market

The Advertising and Branding Industry spent $600+ Billion in 2016, but many speculate that content marketing alone will be worth $300 Billion in 2019 alone.  Influencer marketing Interest has increased 90x since 2013 and 84% of marketers now utilize some element of it in their tactics (80% find it effective).  With 47% of internet users using an adblockers, this method of reaching customers is essential.  Google trends shows the growth of influencer marketing over traditional marketing strategies.  The Instagram market alone is worth $1 billion and growing.  Forbes speculates that Influencer Marketing will grow to 5-10 Billion dollars annually!

The Competition

Competition is ramping up fast in this space from companies, such as Izea https://izea.com/, and from other platforms such as freelancer.com https://www.freelancer.ca/dashboard/  and similar companies that are starting to offer elements of Influencer Marking on their platforms.  These sites (to their own detriment) have clunky methods and transaction fees are out of control.  Many of the more popular methods focus exclusively on celebrity influences neglecting the key market of micro-influencers as an aggregate, which is a much, much larger group.  None of these competitors offer project completion authentication methods as described in our patent pending systems or our reverse one-click to make being a micro-influencer easy and seamless.

Potential Strategy

We are very open to new ideas and strategies for collaboration.  We are looking at both ICO options and traditional funding options, but we feel that this type of market place would function tremendously well with its own integrated cryptographic currency.