Welcome to iamnowmedia.com!

The “I AM NOW MEDIA” project is building a highly disruptive influencer marketing platform.

Why are we better than what already exists?

We have a strategy that includes a number of patent pending (Canada & USA) technologies.  The 1st is a job completion, authentication & payment process.  The 2nd is a “reverse 1-click” engagement system and the 3rd is a powerful database querying method for creating gorilla marketing campaigns!

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I AM NOW MEDIA is a novel Influencer Marketing Platform that will use its own ethereum based cryptocurrency for transactions.

There is a gap in the influencer marketing community for both micro influencers and micro payment methods.  While developing our patent pending methods for placing advertising, endorsement and marketing orders via a communications network, it was also determined that micro payment systems with little or no transactional payments would also be required.  With the rise of blockchain technologies this all becomes possible and very inexpensive.

Our platform will allow non-celebrities to make financial gains from exerting their influence and sharing their brand choices in both real world and digital scenario’s.  It will democratize social media and will put more power into the hands of the people using such platforms.